Specialty Programs

Specialized Programs and Services offered by the Stratford VNA

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing:
Practitioners who provide mental health services to patients with psychiatric disorders, dual medical and psychiatric diagnosis, depression and neglect, substance abuse problems, compliance problems and those who are at risk in the community setting.

Maternal Newborn Care:
Professional nursing services in maternal child care following standards of practice to provide prenatal and postpartum assessment, newborn assessment, developmental screening, teaching of breastfeeding and bottle feeding techniques and care of the newborn. Assessment of the health of the mother and child is preformed working in conjunction with the obstetrician and pediatrician. Specially trained home health aides are also assigned.

Nutritional Counseling:
Nutritional assessment of patients, counseling and correlation in nutrition requirements and/or deficits for diabetes, aging, heart disease, weight management, terminal illness, prenatal and postpartum women and newborns. Referrals are made to our Registered Dietitian when indicated.

Palliative Care:

The goal of the Palliative Care Program is superb pain management along with management of other distressing symptoms, allowing the patient to remain home and comfortable as long as possible, avoiding frequent rehospitalizations.  Specially-trained nurses guide the patient and family through the continuum of their disease process with seamless transition to Medicare Certified Hospice care, when appropriate.

Pain Management Program:
Multidisciplinary approach to assessing and managing the treatment of acute and chronic pain, through current available treatment modalities.

Diabetes Education and Support Program:

Diabetic education empowers the patient to self-manage their diabetes in many areas, such as taking medication, healthy eating and safe activity.  A diabetes educator provides the patient and the family with strategies and educational tools to recognize, problem solve and reduce risks such as hypoglycemia or severe hyperglycemia events.  Another focus is coaching the patient to emotionally adjust to living with diabetes and to accept their diagnosis

Fall Prevention Program:
Through the use of a fall risk tool, all patients are assessed for fall potential minimally at predetermined intervals.  A multidisciplinary approach is used as well as a fall education protocol. This program reduces the patient’s risk of injury and assists clients to remain at home, avoid emergency room visits and acute care hospitalizations.

Emergency Preparedness:
Assuring that the organization and its staff are educated and involved in the issues of public health that face our state and nation. Working closely with the local health department, administrators participate in town and regional planning activities including mass vaccination and local emergency planning committees, town-wide flu clinics, the Healthy Stratford Council, and many others.

Flu and Pneumonia Prevention Program:
True to the mission of the Stratford VNA to serve the needs of the community, flu and pneumonia immunizations are offered to the public over 9 years of age. Both vaccines are offered to their homebound patients, staff and those members of the community unable to attend clinics. Medicare’s goal is to vaccinate 90% of home health patients and direct patient care employees this flue season. Private clinics are scheduled for private businesses and municipalities including the Town of Stratford school teachers and board of education employees, Town of Shelton teachers and town employees and Atria Stratford assisted living facility.
Individuals are welcome to receive a flu or pneumonia shot in our office;
call 203-375-5871 for an appointment.