“My view is that the ultimate destination of all nursing is the nursing of the sick in their own homes.” Florence Nightingale

The Nightengale AwardThe Nightingale Award for Excellence in Nursing program was started in 2001, created by the Visiting Nurse Association of South Central Connecticut.  It was designed to recognize and celebrate outstanding nurses within all health care settings.  The Stratford VNA has had several nurses recognized with this prestigious award.


Lisa Cadrin: 2010 winner
Lisa Cadrin: 2010 recipient

2010 – Lisa Cadrin
In 2010, we at the Stratford VNA wanted to honor Lisa Cadrin for all she does for her patients and our agency.  Lisa has a great attitude, never balks at an assigned task and is really a team player.  She is an essential asset to our agency and goes above and beyond her regular duties almost daily.  She does the little things that patients need, that most others would not do.  She has helped coordinate doctor’s appointments, found new pharmacies, picked up groceries and made phone calls for her patients to make sure that they get the ancillary services they need.  Lisa truly displays excellence in her nursing practice, and we are very proud to have her as a member of our team.


Jill Bouvier: 2008 winner
Jill Bouvier: 2008 recipient

2008- Jill Bouvier
Jill Bouvier, RN, BA, is our Nightingale Award recipient for 2008, and with good reason.  Jill is known as the “Flash Gordon” of our agency.  In the morning, she can be seen zipping through the office in her speed-walking style depositing paperwork and retrieving charts before leaving to visit patients.  She is extremely competent in her nursing skills, and brings her positive energy into her patient care.  Jill embraces the challenges of homecare—working in a patient-controlled environment, travel, weather issues, mounds of seemingly endless paperwork, dealing with family members and doctors, etc.  Yet, Jill thrives in this environment.  Jill is also a role model to others, always working with grace, compassion and humility.  She has a challenging schedule, yet willingly mentors nursing students and assists in the orientation of new staff nurses.  She has been a primary care nurse with us for nearly ten years, and is a positive influence on the morale of both her supervisors and coworkers.  This positive influence extends to her patients as well as is evidenced by the many positive comments we receive from satisfied patients and families.   Jill is by no means an average employee, and we are truly honored to have her as a member of our staff.  Congratulations Jill on receiving this much-deserved award!


Jen Venturini: 2006 winner
Jen Venturini: 2006 recipient

2006- Jen Venturini
Jen began her employment with the Stratford VNA in 1997 as a primary care nurse managing a full case load for four years.  In 2010 she was promoted to Director of Clinical Services.  Jen has remained dedicated to high quality patient care and ensuring smooth clinical operations in the office.


Jo Morrison: 2005 winner
Jo Morrison: 2005 recipient

2005- Jo Morrison
Affectionately called “Jo,” she worked as a per diem registered nurse for the Stratford VNA treating patients with very complex psychiatric and medical needs for six years before retiring in 2005.  Jo often went above and beyond the call of duty, and put her heart and soul into her work.


Marty Mautte: 2004 winner
Marty Mautte: 2004 recipient

2004- Marty Mautte (co-winner)
Patients and staff often describe Marty as one of the most caring nurses they have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Truly a selfless and gracious person, she always sought what was right for the patient and set a modest example for staff.  She worked for the Stratford VNA for eleven years before retiring in 2007.


Anita Vigeant: 2002 winner
Anita Vigeant: 2002 recipient

2004- Anita Vigeant (co-winner)
Anita has been a full time primary care nurse with the agency since 1995.  She is caring, compassionate and willingly takes new staff under her wing and mentors them.  She has mastered the art of working with patients and families in a calm, effective manner and she is an excellent example to coworkers, nursing students and the public.